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Alternative Season Ticket Value Package

28th October 2020

Season Ticket Proposals


Season Ticket Update:

Season Ticket holders have until next Tuesday (3rd November) to notify the club if they wish to opt out of the club’s live streaming offer and carry over their games to next season.

Currently all ST holders have access to the streaming package so you only need to contact the Ticket Office if you wish to opt out.

Please contact if you wish to opt out. Alternatively, visit the Ticket Office during its opening hours (Every Friday, 9am to 5pm)



1. For the following categories Season Tickets will simply be rolled over to Season 2021/22, in the event that no supporters are allowed in to games this season.   At season ticket renewal, full credit will be given for all “unused” games.  This applies to all seat categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium):

·      Under 13’s

Where some games are used this season, the top up price will be at this year’s prices.  In other words, prices will be frozen for this category.

2. The following categories, will, as above, be credited with all “unused” games.  However, while games continue to be played behind closed doors, these season ticket holders will be eligible to take advantage of our “alternative value offerings” as shown below, should they wish to do so.

·       ESA

·       Students

·       Under 18’s

·       Under 16’s

Once again prices will be frozen and the top up for renewal will be taken at this season’s prices. 

3. Our ‘Over 65’ concession group generated season ticket income this year of approximately £575,000, across all seating categories.  In a worse case scenario, where supporters are not allowed back into stadiums at all this year,  if we had to roll over all of these tickets this would have a significant impact on our finances and so we would encourage our “Over 65” season ticket holders to take advantage as much as possible of our “alternative value offerings”.

This category, as we all know, is most at risk during this pandemic and even if allowed back into the stadium, supporters may, for good reason, choose not to come.  When/if the stadium is opened up to supporters, anyone in the ‘Over 65’ category who wishes to put their season ticket “on hold” may do so for 3 games at a time.  These games will then be counted as ‘unused’ games at the end of the season.  (Please note that any supporter with an underlying health condition who feels they would be at risk coming to the stadium may do likewise, by speaking with the Ticket Office).  Clearly, should you elect not to come to the stadium but do not put your ticket “on hold”, the game will be treated as “used”, which will ultimately be to the benefit of the Club.  (We are aware that there is some exposure to the club here, in that a supporter might put his/her ticket “on hold” and then watch it on live stream.  We are trusting our supporters not to do this.)

For our ‘Over 65’ category, we will again freeze prices for next season, when calculating any top-up at renewal time.  They will, however, be offered the option of making a voluntary donation at the time of renewal.

4. This brings us on to the almost 6,500 season ticket holders who paid full-price and generated £2.4 million of season ticket income for the Club.  Clearly, rolling this figure over in full to next season would cause us serious financial issues.  We need to try to mitigate the impact in any and every way we can.

In simple terms, as you will see below, we need you to trade in the value of your season ticket games this year for other goods and services where-ever you can.  We know that times are very difficult for many of you and if you need to maximise your credit toward next season’s season ticket we fully understand.

As with the other categories, we will freeze renewal prices for next year but we will be asking for a voluntary donation of whatever you can afford at time of renewal.

5. Alternative Value Offerings

(a) Streaming of all home games (including Cup games, where not otherwise televised and in accordance with broadcasting restrictions)

We have invested quite heavily to enable us to offer this service and we also have additional costs per game to cover.  While we acknowledge that this is in no way the same as attending Tynecastle Park, we hope you recognise that we are trying to do our best, under extremely difficult circumstances, to enable you to see the games.

With that in mind we propose the following to take account of differential season ticket prices :-

· Bronze / Gold / Silver : 1 streamed game is treated as 1 game off your 18 game season ticket

· Platinum / Premium : 2 streamed games is treated as the equivalent of 1 game off your 18 game season ticket.  For the balance of games, you will be offered “streaming credit” vouchers to be used for Retail or Hospitality to the value of £25/£35 per game.  Should you not wish to receive a voucher, you will be credited with the appropriate number of games against next season’s renewal.

While this is not exact, it is broadly equivalent to a £15 credit per streamed game. 

Please note that opting to access live streams is a season-long commitment and as such, if a live stream of a home game is available then it will form part of your 18-game season ticket.

We are aware that where there are multiple season ticket holders in one household, this may seem less than fair.  Please contact the Ticket Office if you wish to discuss this. We will aim to address this by offering “streaming credit” vouchers for use in the shop or hospitality. 

We are also aware that a relatively small number of season ticket holders do not have access to the technology needed to stream games. Again, please contact the Ticket Office to have this noted and vouchers will be offered for the shop or for hospitality in lieu of streaming.

(b) Retail Vouchers

We will make retail vouchers available for all season ticket holders where they are unable to attend or to stream games for afore-mentioned reasons or where they are entitled to “streaming credit”, as explained above.

These will be available directly from the Ticket Office or on request, will be mailed out to you. Your season ticket number will be entered on the voucher along with your category and the following financial values will be treated as equivalent to 1 game missed.

· Bronze / Silver / Gold :                               £15 voucher equals 1 game

· Platinum :                                                  £25 voucher equals 1 game

· Premium :                                                  £35 voucher equals 1 game


These vouchers will be available to be used pre-Christmas and again later in the season at dates to be announced.

(c)    Hospitality Vouchers

A range of hospitality vouchers will also be available as an alternative for use in the Skyline Restaurant, the Executive European Lounge and the Supporters Bar in line with the above.  Full details will be made available in accordance with Government Restrictions.

This may seem incredibly complex, which is why I include an example below.

I would also stress that we will have a dedicated adviser in place in the Ticket Office to assist with any and all enquiries. 

Example : Worse case scenario

(a) No supporters are allowed in this season.

14 Home Games are streamed

4 Cup Games are streamed

Bronze / Silver / Gold : Full value of season ticket is assumed to be used.

If unable to take full advantage of streaming, vouchers for £15 per game will be offered, to be redeemed for retail or hospitality.

Platinum / Premium : The equivalent of 9 games are assumed to have been used via streaming arrangements.  9 sets of vouchers for £25/£35 are offered for either Retail or Hospitality.

Note : Should supporters be unable/unwilling to utilise the voucher system at all or in full, a credit for “unused” games will be applied to next year’s season ticket.

In summary, it is really very simple.  We intend to honour our pledge to ensure you get the financial equivalent of 18 home games for your season ticket between this year and next.  This will comprise a mix of actual attendance (hopefully), streamed games and vouchers.