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Street Games

Play the Game Street Games is an exciting new programme that has been created as a resource for coaches and volunteers working with young players in grassroots football.

The programme is in the form of a booklet containing over 20 small sided games which encourages players to problem solve, make effective decisions and improvise more. Better still, the games are designed as activities players will be eager to be involved in, due to their attacking and goal-scoring nature. This allows coaches the opportunity to pass more control of the sessions onto the kids therefore making a stimulating, challenging and dynamic environment much easier to create.

In recent months the content of this programme has been delivered by Hearts’ Head of Community, Alan ‘Chalky’ White. Over 1400 grassroots coaches have attended sessions throughout the country at our numerous club visits, regional in-services and legacy events, which have been met with hugely enthusiastic reviews (see below).

In addition, Chalky has also delivered a number of the games to candidates, including pro-youth coaches, as part of the Scottish FA’s Advanced Children’s Licence.

Chalky said: “The games contained within this booklet all have a problem-solving element. The games are small sided, so players are constantly involved and all the games have that ‘spirit of the street’ feel about them that helped produce our Scottish footballing legends of the past who no doubt were out organising their own street games with friends.

"If you are a novice coach, these games can be used as an alternative to having to design skill practices or sessions and are ideal for creating a quick and exciting start to any session.”

The Street Games programme is available to book for grassroots clubs at their own venue where we can deliver practical demonstrations with their coaches.

Key features of Play the Game Street Games session include:

  • A 1.5 hour (approx.) fun and dynamic activity session which demonstrates a number of the Small Sided Street Games using club coaches as participants.
  • Q & A and feedback opportunities for coaches to discuss how games can be adapted or tailored for varying facilities and for various ages and stages of player development.
  • Each attendee will receive Continuous Coach Development (CCD) accreditation for their coach record on the Scottish FA Live system (if required).
  • PDF copy of the Small Sided Street Games booklet for each coach that attends.
  • Opportunity to create a bespoke Small Sided Street Games booklet containing a club’s own crest and colours.


  • Edinburgh & the Lothians: £5pp (Minimum of 20 participants - flexibility may vary)
  • Scottish Borders: £6pp (Minimum of 16 participants)
  • Fife: £6pp (Minimum of 16 participants)
  • Other areas: Contact for more information 

*Please note that costs are not attributed towards Scottish FA CCD accreditation. The CCD element of course delivery is free of charge, in line with all other Scottish FA CCD events and initiatives.

For more information and to discuss your session please contact

Play is our brains favourite way of learning” - Diane Acherman

Everything I have achieved in football is due to playing football in the streets with my friends” - Zinedine Zidane

See below for some of the fantastic feedback we have received for the programme so far from other grassroots coaches…

“This course is a MUST for coaches starting out on their coaching career. Games were fantastic and wish I’d had access to this when I first started out.”

“Knew the small sided games session would be good but didn't expect it to be that good. Some real simple games that help develop players decision making. Would definitely recommend the session to all coaches”

“A brilliant platform for kids to learn from, in a fun way. I will definitely be passing this on to our players and coaches at Dean Thistle”

“I attended this at Ravenscraig a couple of weeks ago, it was a great night probably the best I've been to, if you haven't done this course I highly recommend it.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course last night, I thought the content, delivery and purpose behind it was all excellent. I coach 7-8 year olds on Wednesday nights so used some of the practices we were shown. The boys loved it and were actually wanting to continue "training" longer than normal.”

“Course was delivered well, bit of an eye opener for grassroots coaches”

“I personally thought this course was excellent. There’s no information overload and it’s quick and easy to implement with loads of progressions. I coach at Crosshouse 2008’s and played street games at last night’s training with 20 boys aged 8-9 years old and they absolutely loved it. Sometimes it’s good to go back and just play the game.”

“One of the best CCDs I've been on. Content excellent and definitely the way to go for our coaches to deliver to our young players.”

“Have my 1.3 and been to many courses and this one was definitely one of the best. The booklet for the clubs is a great idea and will help coaches at all age groups.”

“Absolutely loved the street games in-service at Ravenscraig tonight. Packed full of fun and it was brilliantly delivered. Can't wait to try out these games at training on Tuesday night”

“Superb training package, brilliantly delivered.”

“Absolutely great concept and idea so simple yet will get the kids understanding the game without realising they are learning.”

“I thought the session was excellent, well prepared and well thought out and was an hour and a half of my time well spent. The games demonstrated were varied and gave many opportunities for players to think on their feet.”

“Enjoyed the banter and after session left looking at it from a kid’s point of view”