Loyalty Points Scheme

Loyalty Points Scheme

Hearts operates a Hearts Loyalty Points scheme.


Supporters receive Hearts Loyalty Points for:

  • Booking a ticket for home matches - 1 point per match
  • Buying a Season Ticket - 20 points
  • Booking tickets for away matches (where advanced sales apply) - varies


Hearts Loyalty Points are used to determine access to tickets for matches where there is high demand, such Semi-Finals and Finals or away matches.


Hearts Loyalty Points are valid from the 2022/23 season onwards. All points accumulated prior to 22/23 have now been removed.


Hearts Loyalty Points allocations are subject to change, and where they apply to individual matches are provisional. Supporters can check up to date allocations here.


Supporters can check their Hearts Loyalty Points total via Hearts eTickets.

Hearts Loyalty Points are added after the date of fixtures.


If you have any queries please contact tickets@homplc.co.uk