Play The Game


Play the Game Clubs programme provides direct support from our Community Football Officers at grassroots clubs training sessions.


The programme engages with both coaches and players to demonstrate a range of game-centred training sessions. An emphasis is placed on creating environments that are easy to set up, maximise participation and provide kids with an activity they want to take part in.


Our Play the Game Club Support Programme is a 4 Week block @ Your team’s training sessions.


Week 1: One of our club supporters will come to watch and observe what a typical training session looks like with your team. After the session coaches and our club supporter will have a chat over a warm brew from the PTG Flask - Coaches point of view, what went well? What was challenging? What would they change? (Discuss the plan for the following weeks)


Week 2: Our Club Supporter will deliver a Play the Game session with your team, giving an insight into how we run one of our own sessions, the content we use, and the atmosphere that we try to create during one of our sessions etc. Coaches will again have a discussion after the session, how they thought the session was, any questions they have about why we do it the way we do.


Week 3: More content on show, fun warm up activities, loads of variations of games and practices and pitch rotations. Coaches again observe and take notes, discussion afterwards to reflect on the session.


Week 4: Coaches lead and deliver a session with Club Supporter assisting after the past two weeks of content and sessions. Final discussion about the past 4 weeks: What went well? What was challenging? What would you change?


Coaches receive a PTG Clubs Booklet as part of the Programme.




4 Week Block = £160 (£40 per week) *Based on your distance away from Tynecastle, cost of travel will be calculated and added to this.


This programme is available to all grassroots clubs in the South-East Region, Fife and the Central Belt.


For more information on the programme please contact our Community Football Officer