First Team

A lot of work to do

14th December 2019

Daniel Stendel admits his team have a lot of work to do in order to return to winning ways.

The new manager suffered a 1-0 defeat to St Johnstone in his first game in charge on Saturday. Speaking after the match, he admitted the performance wasn't good enough.

“I have a lot of work to do. We all expected more today but I can say the players want to play better. At the moment, the feeling is that it’s very difficult to make changes today, especially the calm in the last third to play and create chances and open spaces," said Daniel.

"We were too nervous in some situations. St Johnstone had so many more chances than us, more big chances than us and that’s why they won.

“I expected that it would not be easy, I hoped today would be easier but I learned things today. We need to work hard in the next days. The first things we tried in training was to change the players minds to convince them they can play better, but you can see it’s not so easy to do that.

“One moment before the goal, we have a great save from Bobby then concede. We’ve changed to zonal marking for corners, but in this moment we weren’t concentrating enough, it was too easy. We will talk about this in the next few days. After set pieces, we want to defend better but that was too easy.

“Some players surprised me positively today, some players we need more time to change things with. In the first half, Steven MacLean shows that he understands the game, and he wants to play but it’s difficult for him to do this alone. In the second half, Aaron Hickey showed he wants to play offensively, he tried to play cross balls and push our game in front and he’s the youngest player on the pitch. This is a sign for everyone to take note, that the youngest player on the pitch played with the most bravery.

“Every player can play my system, some better and some not as well, but we need more confidence in everything that we do. In the first half, the players wanted to play the ball long and safe but this is not how we want to play. They can all play better. We’re all disappointed today but I hope on Wednesday we can show other things.”