Tartan Scarf Update

21st December 2017

At the beginning of November the club launched the new Tynecastle Park Tartan with a range of kilts and trews to be made by its partner, Slanj.

At the same time, the club brought out a scarf in Tynecastle Park tartan and this proved to be an instant hit with fans with the initial run selling out in record time. At that point, the club was inundated with requests for additional scarves to be available for Christmas.

In order to meet this deadline, the Club and Slanj had to commission scarves from another production house in Scotland.  The new scarves are, however, slightly different in shade and pattern size from the initial run.  Whilst they are undoubtedly Hearts tartan scarves, they do not match the initial run of Tynecastle Park tartan scarves.

We would assure fans that the quality of the second batch is just as high as the first.  Whilst many purchasers are happy with the current batch of scarves, we do understand some fans may be frustrated that both scarves do not match exactly and that the second batch does not fully replicate the new Tynecastle Park tartan. 

Whilst we are confident that the majority of those who have purchased the new scarf are happy with it, we will be happy to issue a refund to any fans wishing to return new scarves.

The new scarves will remain on sale and an additional batch of the original Tynecastle Park tartan scarves have been ordered. The club will let you know when these are available for purchase