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JJ: An offer I couldn't refuse

15th July 2020

Jim Jefferies says he couldn’t refuse a return to Tynecastle because Hearts is his club.

The Scottish Cup-winning legend today took up a role as an advisor to the Board of Directors, which will see him utilise his wealth of knowledge and experience on footballing matters.

With a big hand in helping Ann Budge and Robbie Neilson in the transfer window, Jim insists that all the pieces fit for another stunning return to the Jambos, and it’s a position that he’s eagerly anticipating starting.

Speaking to the Official Hearts Website, Jim said: “Somebody said to me ‘It’s your club, you can’t turn it down’. There was never any chance of that.

“Ann timed it well because I was already talking to another club who were terrific. The Chairman came across great and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to him. He gave me a few days to think it over but in those few days Hearts came calling and I had a chat with Ann. She put across exactly what it was she was looking for me to do, which suited me.

“I wasn’t looking for anything full on as Sporting Director or anything like that. The situation is great and she’s given me a specific task to do which is to help her because she’s got a lot on her plate with other things, as you could imagine.

“Robbie knows the club as well as me and if he needs any support there will be no interference, it’ll be a case of if they need anything or any advice then I’m there.

“It’s a difficult time. We’ve just got to plan for what we know. Robbie’s got to have the final say on players. Robbie will want to bring in his own people and we’ve got to support him to do that and find how best we can do that.

“My role is to help Ann and the Board and advise them on things that have maybe just been lacking attention and some things that have not been working. It’s a simple as that.

“Hopefully we can address these things and get Hearts back to where they should be, challenging at the right end of the table.

“I’m looking forward to it enormously. When it’s your own club that you have such a relationship with and the supporters, it’s exciting. It’s hard to say that when you’re getting on in years! But it is exciting. I’m looking forward to it.”