Robbie disappointed with defeat

03 January 2023

“I’m really disappointed,” he said. “I don’t think we really started the game well at all. We were a bit negative in our play, we weren’t connecting like we normally do.

“Rangers pressed us very aggressively, I thought at times we could have played through that press, but we were just too passive at times.

“We built this team and have had a fantastic ten-game run which we have gone undefeated in by playing positive and passing forward and being aggressive and we just didn’t do that tonight.

“This is one that we will look back at. Sometimes when you are winning every week, everything becomes easy, but now you get this bump in the road and you get a bit of negativity, it allows you to learn, so there will be lots of things for us to look back at and try to rectify for the coming weeks.

“We have another game here on Saturday against Dundee United, so hopefully we can get back to that positive football that we have been playing.”