Fiorentina (A) Tickets: on sale to supporters with 110+ loyalty points

10 March 2022

Tickets are subject to availability and can be purchased online or in person at the Ticket Office. Ahead of purchasing, it is vital that you ensure your details are correct on your eTickets account, paying special attention to the following:
- Name
- Date of birth
- Gender
- Contact email address

You are able to check this information by logging into your eTickets account.

Should tickets remain available after this sale window, we will make an annoucement on Monday, October 3rd with details of the next phase.

Supporters should be aware that any purchases for upcoming away fixtures that take their points total above 110 loyalty points will *not* be eligible to purchase Fiorentina tickets during the current sales phase.

The club understands the huge interest there will be for this fixture and requested a larger allocation to meet supporter demand. Unfortunately, no additional tickets will be made available to us. However, the allocation given to us is slightly more than the 5% requirement for away support required by UEFA. We strongly advise fans not to travel unless you have a match ticket.

Supporters are reminded that:

· An email address must be provided when purchasing as this is where the match ticket will be sent to.

·  An email address per ticket is required and must be entered correctly because once the ticket has been issued it cannot be changed. It will not be possible to change the name on the ticket, so please ensure that all email addresses are up to date and accessible.

· Only the name of the account holder will be processed on the tickets and the club will not be permitted to accept any requests for tickets to be issued in another supporter’s name.

· All of the above are mandatory requirements from the Italian Government and we will be unable to make any exceptions, so please ensure you have all the correct information ready at the time of purchase.

·   A number of accessible tickets including a personal assistant may still be available for the PMDA2 sector in the Tribuna Maratona section. Anybody interested who has not already contacted the DAO should do so by noon Saturday 1st October