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Sponsored by Baillie Gifford, powered by Dell

The Innovation Centre provides a unique range of Digital Education programmes that inspires young people to develop their digital skills and be creative whilst using technology. Working in partnership with delivery partners, schools and businesses, we use the power and reach of football to attract and motivate learners.

We aim to provide a fun environment for young people to explore things that interest them such as developing games or building websites or apps that can be improve our world. The philosophy of our programmes is to put the young person in charge of their learning by providing online support as they develop their skills for the future.

All clubs and programmes provided by the Innovation Centre are FREE for girls and boys to attend, instructions and guidance from mentors working in industry. No previous experience is required!


Introducing our Online Clubs

Due to COVID-19, we have had to temporarily suspend all activities running at the stadium. With young people not at school, this is a very difficult time for some who rely on having structure and familiar activities in their day. To keep young people learning about digital technology from home, we have launched two new online clubs!

Keeping young people safe online

Our priority in setting up these classes has been to provide a safe and secure environment for young people that adheres to strict child protection procedures. Parents can be confident that all activity will be monitored by appropriately qualified and checked mentors.

Digital Athletes

For young people in primary school from ages 8+, this online club uses Google Classrooms to share lots of different activities that your children can work on from home whilst receiving support and guidance from our mentors. Activities that young people can work on will range from designing and coding your own game. It would be helpful if young people had access to a laptop or tablet, but we will also be setting challenges that can be completed without any devices.This is a safe and monitored online learning environment.

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Digital Champions

For young people in secondary school, this online club uses Google Classrooms to share activities and support young people with building their own personal projects to use technology for a purpose. Typical projects that participants have already started include designing a mobile app to solve a problem in the local community or building a password generator to make sure people use strong and secure passwords. With weekly catch up calls with mentors, young people can take a more collaborative approach to their projects and explore using technology for good.

We know that everyone will have different levels of experience, so we have included a range of activities to match different skill levels from entry level to advanced. Sessions are monitored and we will be able to advise young people on the courses that are best suited to them. 

This is a safe and monitored online learning environment.

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When we return to Tynecastle Park

The CoderDojo Coding Club

Date & Time TBC
For girls and boys in P5-P7

This weekly Club will encourage young people to get hands on with the Microbit, a tiny programmable computer designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun. Attendees learn basic coding skills through lessons and challenges that include designing their very own fitness trackers, stop watches and goal-line technology.


The Robotics Club with Robotical

Date & Time TBC
For girls and boys in P5-P7

This weekly Club will encourage young people to get hands on with Robots and learn basic coding skills. Lessons and challenges include creating their own fitness routine, shooting a music video, robot football and more!


How to build an Online Shop with Flummix
Date & Time TBC / For girls and boys in S2-S5

For young entrepreneurs to learn about how to use modern technology to set-up and design their own online shop. Young people will learn the basics of running an online shop as a business and how to design an online shop that will keep customers coming back!

App Design & Development
Date & time TBC
For girls in S1-S2 

This weekly club will encourage young people to lead the change that they want to see in their community by using technology for good. Young people will be introduced to ways that technology can help local communities before being challenged to designing their own mobile app to solve a problem and champion a cause!


Please email for more information about any of the above programmes, volunteering opportunities or general enquiries.

Our Digital Education Programme is proudly sponsored by Baillie Gifford and powered by Dell.