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Updated Buses Information: PAOK (A)

30 August 2023

Supporters attending Hearts’ UEFA Europa Conference League match against PAOK should read the following information.


Following discussions with the Greek authorities and PAOK FC, a new location has been agreed for the buses to depart and transport fans to the Toumba Stadium safely. 


This new location is a shorter walk from the daytime meeting point and is a shorter bus ride to the Toumba Stadium.


The buses will be on site at the new location of White Tower from 17:30PM local time. Due to significant road closures, supporters are encouraged to be on site at White Tower for 17:30pm. Buses will start departing at 18:00 LATEST. 


The new location can be found on the map below. 



We must advise supporters that if they choose to board one of the later buses to depart the location, they will risk missing kick-off due to severe traffic delays as we edge closer to kick-off time. 


Supporters who choose not to travel via the organised buses should not wear club colours. 


Upon arrival at the stadium, supporters will be subject to a body search and will have to dispose of any alcohol or soft drinks in their possession. In effect, the same rules apply as back in Scotland. 


A reminder at full-time, Hearts supporters will be held back for up to an hour but will have full access to toilets and kiosk facilities during this time.


After the hold back, supporters will board the buses and be taken back to the departure point at White Tower or another central location, decided by the local authorities.