Play The Game


Play the Game Schools is a programme which works directly with schools in our area to promote the principle of playground football.

Playground football still exists but not to the extent it did 30 to 40 years ago. Along the way different variations of these games have fell by the wayside along with various team and individual challenges that used to be common place in our streets and playgrounds. The other day one kid told us he and a friend had invented a new game where the object was to throw a ball of a kerb so it rebounded straight back to you. We are all pretty sure that game is called Kerbie from years ago!

The point here is we will work with pupils to demonstrate how to set up different types of games so they can head of and organise activity on their own, during or after school, with whatever equipment or area they have access to, be that jumpers, poles, cones, etc.

Key features of Play the Game Schools include:

  • After-school sessions which encourage participation in small-sided games including 2v2 & 3v3
  • Focus in encouraging more play and physical activity.
  • Expos for schools teams to play one another at in 3v3 festival formats. These will normally take place at Tynecastle Park or Oriam.

If your school would be interested in hosting an afterschool Play the Game session then please contact

Our Community Club Development Officer will be in touch directly with schools regarding Expos and school-based sessions.