The Memorial Garden
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The Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden will open every Saturday from August 1st onwards.

Remember those who have gone before us.

The Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Garden at Tynecastle Park, offers a peaceful, contemplative space in which to remember those who have passed on.  Loved ones are honoured with personalised, engraved, stainless steel hearts that adorn the walls of the garden. Enter through the beautifully crafted steel gates and relax in this place of solitude. 

The centrepiece of this tranquil space is a striking bronze and steel sculpture of the club’s iconic crest. Raised from its middle is a bronze football - a touchstone for generations of Hearts fans.

A small room for quiet reflection is available year round, which displays an ornate stained glass window, originally made for and presented to Hearts legend John Robertson. Overlooking the Garden is the cast bronze 1914 Memorial Trust statue, depicting a soldier from the 16th Royal Scots Battalion. Please note this room will not be available during restricted Saturday openings.


Access to the Memorial Garden - COVID-19 Restricted Access:

Opening times have been adjusted to enable safe and controlled visits as outlined below. Please read our COVID-19 Memorial Garden Visitor Guide before arrival.

Saturdays 10:00 - 12:00: Access by Private Appointment 

Groups of up to 10 friends and family members can book a 20 minute private time slot in the garden during Saturday mornings.

Saturdays 12:00 - 16:00: Open Access to Public

Visitors are invited to come along at any time during the afternoons. Please note, numbers are restricted to no more than 12 visitors at a time in the garden, so some queuing may be necessary.

All Visitors should report to the public gates at the bottom of Wheatfield Street to access the garden for private appointments or public visiting times.

Book here for private appointments:


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27 December 2020

2 January 2021


Purchasing a Memorial Plaque

On the first Friday of each month, Club Ambassador, Gary Locke, and Club Chaplain, Andy Prime hold a small ceremony to honour those who have been added to the Memorial Garden walls, to which friends and family are invited. 

To purchase a Memorial Plaque, and a replica take home glass memorial ornament, please click here.