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Hearts link up to keep kids on the right track

19th November 2015

1000 primary school pupils to receive a presentation from in an aim to reduce trespassing on local railway lines.

Hearts and Network Rail link up to keep kids on the right track

Over the next fortnight 1,000 primary school pupils will receive a presentation from Hearts staff and British Transport Police in an aim to reduce trespassing on the railway line in Wester Hailes

Due to incidents on the railway involving primary school aged children in recent months, Network Rail has funded a football and rail safety programme which will be delivered to pupils at Clovenstone, Canal View (pictured above) and Sighthill primary schools.


The project is split up into three key areas;

1). Delivery of rail safety messages from British Transport Police and Hearts staff to approximately 1000 x P1-7 pupils at special school assemblies. Each assembly aims to promote Network Rail’s community objectives which include;

  • improving safety and raising awareness of the dangers of misusing the railway
  • reducing the number of incidents of trespass and vandalism on the railway
  • engaging young people in constructive activities
  • improving community cohesion and tolerance
  • reducing crime and anti-social behaviour

2). 10 weeks of fully funded coaching sessions for thirty identified pupils at the Hearts Football Academy

3). Spring-time football festival for 100 pupils representing all three primary schools


 Alan White, Hearts’ Head of Community commented, “We would like to thank Network Rail for recognising that our football club can play an important part in the community through supporting railway education programmes and providing local diversionary activities for children of primary school age. The response from school staff to the project has been fantastic and we look forward to working with the schools and pupils very soon.”

Mark Henderson, Network Rail’s senior communications manager for community engagement, said: “Trespassing is extremely dangerous and can have tragic consequences for those involved. Trains travelling at speed take a long time to stop and anyone struck by one is likely to be killed or very badly injured. We work very closely with the British Transport Police and other prominent community-based organisations to educate the public, especially children, on the dangers of misusing the railway and are delighted to support this initiative.”

Pictured above, with pupils and staff from Canal View Primary School, is PC Kennie Robertson (British Transport Police), Ann Moore (Head Teacher), Juwon Oshaniwa, Arnaud Djoum and Head of Community, Alan White.

Parents, carers and teachers can visit here to find out more information for pupils about electrification on the railway, level crossings and railway safety.


Did you know?

SPEED - Trains travel at up to 125mph, much, much faster than cars and buses.

STOPPING - It takes 2000m for a train to stop = that’s an incredible 20 Tynecastle Stadium pitches!

WEIGHT - Trains can weigh up to 400 tonnes = that’s the same as 80 full grown elephants!

HEIGHT - Trains are the same height as double decker buses = 3.75M (12’ 3”)