Club News

Clarification on comments in the media

18th April 2020

We would like to clarify our position on a comment made by Ann Budge during a broadcast interview that has, by some, been taken out of context.

“You shouldn't be awarded a title if you haven't played 38 games; you shouldn't be relegated if you haven't played 38 games, and all sorts of other things in between. Some rules were changed, others weren't."

Ann was speaking in reference to the SPFL rules, with the broader point being that it is unfair to change some rules and not others, and not expressing an opinion on whether or not clubs such as Dundee Utd, and Celtic if the Premiership is called, will be deserving winners of their titles, which some articles suggest.

The Club's position has always been one of “promotions but no relegations” on the grounds that there should be no losers in this situation if the season cannot be finished.