Supporter Information v Hearts

31 March 2023

The club’s allocation of tickets has nearly sold out. With no matchday sales to away fans at Rugby Park, the only way to secure one of the limited amount of tickets remaining is from Hearts’ Ticket Office. Fans who do not have a ticket for the game should not travel.

Supporters travelling by road should be aware of roadworks enroute. There is currently roadworks on Queens Dr, Kilmarnock that have caused tailbacks up to the Bellfield Interchange. Roadworks are also planned on the northbound and southbound slip roads of the A77 at its junctions with the A71 (Bellfield Interchange). Although these works are not scheduled to begin until Monday, supporters should be aware of them nonetheless.

Fans should plan their journeys accordingly, with roadworks and weather conditions in mind, to minimise delays.

Supporters’ buses should park on Burnside Street and Holmquarry Road in Kilmarnock.

Searching is a condition of entry and refusal to cooperate will result in entry being denied. Supporters deemed to have consumed excess alcohol will be refused entry.

Fans are reminded not to attempt to bring any prohibited items into the stadium, including pyrotechnics which are inherently unstable and dangerous to the user and those in proximity.

Unacceptable conduct will result in ejection from the stadium and any supporter who has been ejected will face sanctions in accordance with our unacceptable conduct policy.