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Supporter Information: PAOK vs Hearts

29 August 2023

Supporters travelling to Thessaloniki for Hearts’ UEFA Europa Conference League match against PAOK Salonika at the Toumba Stadium should read the following information.


Following discussions between PAOK, Heart of Midlothian, Police Scotland and the Greek authorities, the club have been advised of the following information.



Pre-match arrangements


Hearts fans are encouraged to gather in Aristotelous Square during the day. There will be a police presence in this location to ensure the safety of supporters. This location is highlighted on a map below.


They will then be escorted by police to White Tower where buses will take them to the stadium.


Supporters are strongly encouraged for reasons of safety to gather in the square and move collectively to the port to board the buses. We would strongly discourage supporters from making their own way to the Toumba Stadium as it is quite a distance from the meeting point and Greek police have advised that you may be at risk of attack if moving in small, isolated groups. 


Buses to the stadium:


Supporters will board buses from White Tower to the away section of the stadium. These buses will depart from 17:30PM local time.


Supporters are not allowed to drink alcohol on these buses.


Any supporter deemed to have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol will not be allowed on the bus.


Heart of Midlothian FC is paying to provide these buses and as such, the cost of any damage caused will be sent to the club.


Hearts supporters are renowned for travelling all over Scotland and Europe in huge numbers and displaying exemplary behaviour. Fans should be aware, however, that the style of policing and security in Greece may differ somewhat to what they have experienced elsewhere.


Police and security in Greece have a zero-tolerance approach to disobeying lawful instructions, so supporters are implored to follow any and all instructions given to them in an attempt to stay safe and, ultimately, enjoy their trip.


It is important that supporters obey any lawful instructions given by police and security as they are not renowned for a low-key engaging approach.


The buses will take supporters to the away section where fans will enter the stadium via gate 8.

At full-time, Hearts supporters will be held back for up to an hour before boarding busses to return to the departure point or a similar central location. 


Supporters will have access to kiosks and toilets during the full duration of the hold back.


The below map highlights a recommended day drinking area for Hearts fans, as well as the meeting point to board the buses.





According to current legislation, upon arrival at the stadium, supporters must have a form of photo ID with a name matching the one on the match ticket.


This does not need to be a passport, but must be some form of photographic ID.

Based on the current legislation, each ticket must include ID/Passport Number as a document number, First Name, Last Name, and AMKA (Social Security Number only for Greek Citizens)

WHEN YOU HAVE PURCHASED YOUR TICKET, you must email the Ticket Office ( with your passport number, which matches the name we hold on their account as stated above, to enable the Ticket Office to allocate your ticket which will be received digitally. PLEASE FORWARD your ticket booking confirmation email to the Ticket Office and include this information (passport number).



The match


The game will kick-off at 8:30PM local time. 6:30pm UK time.


At the turnstiles, Hearts fans will be subject to a light body search and a control of handbags and backpacks.

Persons believed to be under the influence of alcohol, or any other kind of intoxicants will be evicted from the stadium.


At all times, whilst present at the Ground, spectators must comply with all instructions made known by the organiser, stewards or police officers.


At full-time, Hearts supporters will be held back for up to an hour before boarding buses to return to White Tower or another central location.



Travel advice


The nearest British Embassy is located in Athens. Details of which can be found below.

British Embassy | Ploutarchou 1 | Kolonaki | Athens | 10675  

+30 210 7272600


The embassy has provided the club with links for travel advice and how to apply for an Emergency Travel Document online.


Supporters should be aware that the threat of terrorism and other serious criminal threats are a reality.


Health and Safety


The weather in Greece is currently over 30 degrees. Supporters should be aware of the risk of sunstroke and are encouraged to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water, as well as wearing a strong factor of sun protection cream.



Other useful information:


-Greece’s currency is the Euro

-Greece uses the standard Euro plug adapter

-Greek time is 2 hours ahead of UK time.

-The temperatures in Thessaloniki will peak at over 30 degrees.