Supporter info: FC Zurich (A)

18 August 2022

Free buses to the stadium

Supporters gathering in Gallutsplatz will be provided with free access to 6 coaches to transfer them to the stadium for the match. The buses will also be on hand to transport supporters back to Gallusplatz after the game.

The buses will depart Gallusplatz from 5pm onwards.

Stadium safety

On arrival at the stadium searching will take place and is a condition of entry, any supporter who refuses to comply will not get access to the match.

At the end of the match, as is standard practice in many European countries, our supporters will be held back to allow the home supporters to leave the stadium and to ensure that Hearts supporters can leave the stadium safely. Announcements will be made towards the end of the match to remind supporters of this.

Supporters will have access to refreshments and toilets during this short period of time.

We remind you not to attempt to take any prohibited items into the stadium and to comply with all instructions of police and stewards. Any supporter who engages in any unacceptable conduct will face prosecution and sanctions by the club, we urge your to enjoy the experience and demonstrate all that is great about our support.

Hearts Ticket Booth

From 5pm onwards, Hearts Ticket Office staff will be manning a ticket booth at the stadium and will be able to assist supporters with any ticket related queries or problems. The booth is located at the top of the stairs next to the St Gallen Clubstore.