Make History by Becoming Scotland’s First FTC Game Changers

13 February 2024

The Hearts Innovation centre has an upcoming volunteering opportunity like no other – become a Game Changer at Scotland’s inaugural FIRST® Tech Challenge.


By volunteering just one day of your year, you can play a huge role in supporting the young people of Scotland.


You may have a lot of questions, and maybe even some doubts as to how you can help... read on to see how you can get involved!  


What is the FIRST Tech Challenge?


FIRST Tech Challenge, or FTC for short, is the world’s largest robotics competition, and for the first time in its history, Scottish teams have a Scottish location to compete in – Tynecastle Park.


Over the course of 6 months, youngsters aged 12-18 will have worked together to design, build, and code a competing robot. Their hard work will culminate at our regional tournament, where they will compete in qualifying matches against other Scottish teams.


You might assume that the competition is purely focused on robotics, but after watching this quick video, you will learn that FTC is way more than robots.



When will I be needed?


Make sure to put the following day in your diary, as the date will become historical:


Wednesday 20 March 2024
The inaugural FTC Scottish Regional Tournament


Expect epic robotic matches, industry-judged awards, and an energy like no other. Young people will forever cherish the memories they will create on the day, and you can be a part of making that happen.



But what if I have no experience in robotics, STEM, or even volunteering?


No problem at all. Choose between a huge variety of Game Changer roles, no matter your skill set, from being an emcee to a judge, or even a referee. Receive full online training to get comfortable and confident in your role. Feel inspired to continue making a change.


There are even short online Volunteer Info Sessions for you to learn more about the roles, understand the huge impact FTC has on young people, and inspire you to contribute to a nationwide movement in STEM education.



Okay, you have convinced me. How do I join the #GameChangerSquad?

Easy – click here to sign up as a volunteer and help us build more than robots.