Istanbul: Stadium access update

11 January 2022

Police presence will only be available at the agreed meeting point in Taksim Gezi Park and the stadium, so supporters are reminded that this security support will not be available if they are not travelling on the buses provided by the club.

Supporters are reminded to always be respectful when travelling through the city and to be aware of the ground rules and prohibited items at the stadium. Security and police tolerance levels may be different to what supporters are used to in Scotland and this should be kept in mind while in Istanbul.

Please leave enough time for travel and to make it through the two ticket check points and other security procedures on approach to the stadium. Once at the stadium, police, stewards and staff will be on hand to assist.

As previously communicated by the club, if you do not have transport pre-arranged please use the transport provided by the club. Hearts staff will be located at the meeting point (Taksim Gezi Park and buses will depart at 3.30pm local time) and at the stadium to help coordinate the transfers.