Hearts Museum: Davie Mackay’s 1956 Scottish Cup Winner’s Medal

21 March 2023

A Director’s medal belonging to R. Tait has previously been on display, however the medals are of different design -the players medal is inscribed with “Scottish Football Association” and the Directors with “Heart of Midlothian F.C.”.



History of the Medals and Shields  

All 11 players who played in the 1956 Scottish Cup Final were presented with medals on 21st April 1956, the day of their 3-1 victory over Celtic. Club records show a proposal at the Board Meeting of 7th May 1956, to acquire 11 additional medals for the Directors, trainers and extra players along with 22 Shields.  

“To commemorate the victory it was further agreed, if possible, to have a shield with medal resembling the one acquired upon the occasion of our League Cup Victory. Manager to pursue and present design before the board for their approval. It was agreed that the team already having been presented with their medals would require only the Shield, but that medals with the Shield should be acquired for the Board of Directors (5) the Manager (1) The Trainers (2) and Players R. Parker and J. Hamilton with one for the Board Room. This makes in all twenty-two (22) shields and eleven (11) medals.” 

Sir George Graham, Secretary of the Scottish Football Association approved the design and gave permission to make the medals, which were presented at the Hearts Annual Dinner Dance held in the Charlotte Rooms on 10th December 1956. 

From the Minute book for 2nd of July 1956



Medal Auction September 2001 

MacKay put his medals up for auction in 2001, and is quoted in the Scotsman on 10th Oct 2001 as saying after the sale: 

“I felt it was the right time to do it and instead of keeping them in the bank where nobody can see them, many of the medals went to the clubs who I played for when I won them, which I hoped would happen. I would rather this than everybody say ‘oh, you have lots of medals’ but nobody ever seeing them. They will still be there in 100 years’ time.” 

James Meston was successful in the auction and kindly reached out to offer the medal to the Hearts Museum on loan. Visitors to the Museum can now see both medals and plaques side by side displayed in the ‘Decade of Success’ exhibition cabinet.   

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