Get fit for free with Prostate FFIT

14 September 2023

Get fit for FREE at Tynecastle Park or Rugby Park!

Hearts and Kilmarnock have teamed up with the SPFL Trust and Prostate Scotland to deliver a new season of Prostate Football Fans in Training, a 12 week programme for men living with prostate cancer.

Here’s what you need to know about the programme:


  • Take part with other men who are living with prostate cancer
  • Course is available at Tynecastle Park or Rugby Park
  • Meet and share experiences with those in a similar situation
  • Build your knowledge of exercise, diet and nutrition over 12 weeks
  • Meets medical guidelines for men on hormone therapy where an exercise programme is recommended
  • There are always two halves of action - learning and then light exercise
  • Specifically developed videos and support info will also help you exercise at home
  • Programme supported by experts in prostate cancer and fitness including the University of Glasgow Health and Wellbeing Institute


If you want to know more, you can speak to David! One of our Tynecastle 'players' from last season on 07833 433783 or contact Prostate Scotland on 0131 603 8660 or


Or sign-up online at SPFL Trust | Prostate FFIT and get further info about prostate cancer at Home - Prostate Scotland.