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Tynecastle Redevelopment Project Update

20th February 2017

Tynecastle Redevelopment Project Update from Ann Budge.

As promised, I am pleased to provide a further update to our supporters on how things are progressing here at Tynecastle.

Most of you will have seen the amazing pictures of the main truss being dropped into position on the 2nd Feb.  If not, they are still available on the web-site.  This was a further major milestone successfully achieved and I want to thank everyone involved for their total commitment in seeing this very complex procedure through to a successful conclusion.

Naturally, we instantly moved on to the next set of challenges and many of you will have seen that all of the extensions at the rear of the main stand have now been demolished, that new access routes/arrangements have been put in place, and that the preparation work for the next stage is now well underway...with "Piling" due to start this be followed immediately with the major excavation works.  This will be a noisy and potentially disruptive part of the project, involving much heavy equipment and machinery on the site.  So...I have to stress again that adherence to our Health and Safety Measures and our Security Requirements is of paramount importance if we are going to succeed in keeping the Stadium working normally throughout this major building programme.  We appreciate everyone's understanding and co-operation.  

As well as all of the above, of course, we have to keep the on-pitch business of the club running smoothly...and we are having to deal with an unexpected problem on that front.  As many of you will have seen for yourselves, our pitch has deteriorated badly over the last few weeks.  While we knew that we would have to address the replacement of our now 19 year old pitch sometime soon, we were hoping that it would see us through to the end of this season.  However, having carefully monitored the issues and having consulted a number of experts in this field, we have taken the decision to address the problem now.   We have, therefore, commissioned SIS (UK) Ltd, the industry leader in the field, to re-turf our pitch.

The work is scheduled to start this week, and we are assured, it will be completed well in time for our next home game against Ross County, on Wednesday, 1st March.  While this will add a few additional management and logistical challenges for many of us based at Tynecastle, we are comfortable that it is the right course of action.  Importantly, it can be achieved without impacting our Construction Programme.

In short, everything is going well and according to plan.  We will continue to deal with whatever challenges come along, whether on or off the pitch, with a positive and "can do" attitude....and we will continue to keep you fully informed.

Thank you again for your continued support.  

Ann Budge