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Hall of Fame – Revised Dress Code

23rd September 2016

Simply dress to impress at our upcoming Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame – Revised Dress Code

The club has received feedback from a number of supporters who would like to attend the Hall of Fame, but have been put off by the black tie dress code.

The Hall of Fame was traditionally a black tie event, but we acknowledge that times have moved on and we need to move with them  Accordingly, we’ve decided to implement a simple collar and tie and “dress to impress” code for the evening.

We’ll be making more exciting announcements about the Hall of Fame shortly. We’ve already revealed club legend, John Colquhoun, as a new inductee and will be unveiling more names in the next week.

We hope you’ll come to enjoy the moment with John and a host of new and existing inductees.  


To book your place and take advantage of the remaining season ticket holder and Foundation of Hearts special offer, call Carla on 0131 200 7240 or email