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Chairman's Statement

16th October 2020

It is some time since I issued a Chairman’s Statement and I plan to issue a detailed one very soon.

I will bring you fully up-to-speed with all that has been going on at the Club during these incredibly difficult times.  For now, however, I simply want to address one matter.  With the league season about to start, it is time to explain how we plan to deal with the fact that almost 11,500 season ticket holders have paid upfront for 18 home games and none of you are allowed into the stadium. Before I explain what we propose, I will apologise for the delay in responding to those of you who have expressed concern and/or have complained about this over recent weeks.  However, it was vital that we leave these decisions for as long as possible, given the continued uncertainties surrounding Scottish Football, in particular whether fans would be allowed back to games.

Let me begin by stating unequivocally that we will honour the promise made when season tickets were put on sale.  No season ticket holder will lose out. Season Ticket holders have paid for 18 Home games at Tynecastle Park and your season ticket will entitle you to 18 Home games. Clearly, any games that fall short this season for reasons totally outwith our control, will be credited to your account for next season. In the worse case scenario that could place an enormous burden on the club, which is why we have been trying to work out an alternative.

As you all know, season ticket income is our main source of revenue and as such, simply rolling over this season’s income to next would put a huge financial strain on the Club for next season. That said, we are hugely dependent upon the backing of our supporters and for that reason, if for no other, we would never go back on our promise.  There are other reasons, of course, why we would never do this, not least a total commitment to honesty and integrity – two of my and our core values!

Another core value, which I have always promoted, is openness and transparency and for that reason I will say, with complete openness, that we hope we can gain the support of the majority of our supporters to buy into our “Alternative Season Ticket Value Package”. In simple terms, we want to spread “our financial pain” across this season and next by offering you ways to reduce your next season’s credit, while ensuring that you get full value for the money you have already spent.

Please see details of what we propose and buy into it if you can, by clicking here. However, if you are unable/unwilling to do so, please be assured you will receive full financial credit for supporting us this year when we so badly needed it.

We are enormously grateful to everyone who has bought season tickets. You have helped us to keep the club going during truly challenging times. These challenging times are far from over and refunding season tickets would severly impact our finances, which is why we have worked hard to come up with our Alternative Season Ticket Value Package and we hope that you find it both attractive and fair.

Thank you, in advance. Look after yourselves and keep safe. Everyone here at the Club looks forward to welcome you back to Tynecastle Park at the earliest opportunity.  

Here’s to a great season!

Ann Budge