Play the Game


Play the Game Clubs is a five-week programme which provides direct support from our Community Club Development Officer at grassroots club training sessions. The programme engages with both coaches and players to demonstrate a range of game-centred training sessions. Emphasis is placed on creating environments that are easy to set up, that maximise participation and provide kids with activity they want to take part in. When putting these practices together we have looked at them through the eyes of a young player to create sessions that they find stimulating, exiting and dynamic.

The five week programme includes:

  • Session observation and feedback
  • Demonstration and delivery of Play the Game sessions
  • Parent Workshop
  • PDF of the programme with an option for a bespoke club booklet.
  • Coaches/Leaders being added to a mailing list to receive best practice and new session content.

The programme is delivered free of charge to grassroots clubs in the South East Region. For more information contact