First Team

We Have To Do Better

25th January 2019

Craig Levein said he was still frustrated about Wednesday night's result against Dundee but admitted his side had played better than he originally thought.

"I watched the game back and I was unhappy with the first-half but when I watched the second-half again, we made a lot more good opportunities than I thought we did at the time," the manager said.

"I was probably just really disappointed - I'm used to winning at home, the team's used to winning at home. When I watched the game back, we had eight really good chances to score and it's frustrating that we didn't get any goals, but we didn't play as badly as I thought we did."

Craig insisted that the player's shared his feelings after the game and knew themselves that they had to do better.

"There's one thing about this group, there an honest bunch," he said. "They themselves were just as frustrated that they hadn't got anything from the match and also that the goals were given to Dundee by mistakes on our part. It's important that everyone knows that the players are honest with themselves and we are honest with ourselves as well."

The manager also addressed his post-match thoughts on David Vanecek, who was substituted in the first-half, and how the Czech striker has reacted. 

"He apologised yesterday and he's on a programme to improve his fitness and hopefully I don't need to speak to him again. If there's a problem you've got to address it and as far as I'm concerned the best time to do that is immediately.

"David accepted that he hasn't turned up in good enough physical condition, he can get much fitter and we're all on the same page now. I'd rather that than telling him he's doing well when he's not. It's important that our supporters know that there is more to come from him. I don't want them judging him on the first few performances, so they need to know that he has a long way to go before he's 100% fit."

"Our fans expect to win at home and I expect to win at home. There was nobody more disappointed in the stadium than I was. I understand, and we understand, what it's like to play for Hearts and we have to do better."

You can watch Craig's full press conference on HeartsTV by clicking here.