First Team

Times like these

4th July 2014

Stevie Crawford puts the Jambos through their paces in a modern pre-season training camp down south.

By Hearts News in Chester

Stevie Crawford insists times have changed and ball-work has now become an essential part of initial pre-season training.

The Jambos have been back together for less than a week yet footballs are prevalent in every training session, something that assistant head coach Stevie believes is a must.

Speaking exclusively to HeartsTV from the Jambos' training camp in Chester, Stevie said: "I think we've moved on in terms of pre-season. The boys look after themselves better in the summer than in days gone by, even when the likes of myself and Robbie played.

"They've got their sport science programmes from John Hill and they've come back in good condition.

"Sometimes people look at it as when the ball comes out that it's not hard work. But three or four minute spells, it's difficult at a high tempo.

"With the heart-rate monitors we can keep an eye on the results to see if the boys are working to the standards that we're hoping."

Stevie's interview is available in full on HeartsTV.