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Stadium Development Update - FAQs

8th April 2016

Frequently asked questions regarding Tynecastle's new Main Stand.

Tynecastle Stadium Expansion: FAQs


Planning & Stadium Plans 

  • Has planning permission been submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council? 

We submitted a pre application notice to the City of Edinburgh Council on Monday 21st March 2016. This triggers a public consultation period which is legally bound to last a minimum of 8 weeks but could be longer. A full planning application will be submitted at the end of this consultation period.

  • Will we be able to see plans for the stadium anywhere?

We intend to show a number of the visuals for the stadium during the aforementioned public consultation period and full plans will be revealed at the time of the full planning submission.

  • Will our new stadium be equipped to allow us to play European football?

Yes it will comply with UEFA standards.


Time-line & Design

  • When will the stadium works begin and when will they complete?

Works are scheduled to begin in April on the Undercroft area (situated below the Wheatfield Stand) and subject to planning permission, work on the new stand is then scheduled to commence no later than November with a view to being available for use, early in season 2017/18. Fit-out work is then expected to continue throughout season 2017/18.

  • Will the build impact on any matches at Tynecastle?

We do not anticipate having to move any domestic fixtures away from Tynecastle.

  • What sort of disruption, can we expect?

It is hoped that the disruption will be minimal. Car parking will be affected for the period of the entire build and fan access may be slightly varied during the Main Stand build but it shouldn’t have a huge impact.

  • Will there be better facilities at the stadium to encourage supporters to arrive at the ground earlier?

We are certainly working on an improved and more varied offering for fans at the stadium in general.

  • Will the support pillars be removed in the main stand and I will have a better view?

There will be no restricted views on sale in the new stand and no pillars.

  • Are there any plans for electronic scoreboards or big screens?

Yes, the club are currently looking at the options for two screens.

  • Are there any plans to fill in the corners of the stands?

No. This is not viable given the structure of the existing stands.

  • What will the capacity be after the completion of the new stand?

Capacity will rise to over 20,000 seats



  •  How will the new stadium be funded? 

It is anticipated that the full funding plan will be announced within the next three months and in advance of the full planning application being submitted.


Ticket Office & Club Store

  • Where will the new Ticket Office & Clubstore be?

In the short term, they will be situated in the completed Undercroft below the Wheatfield Stand but will relocate into the new Main Stand on its completion.


Temporary/Permanent Structures in the Wheatfield Stand

  • I understand the ticket office, FIFA standard changing rooms/facilities, Clubstore and administration offices will be moved to the Wheatfield Stand. How do I get there?

Access will initially be via Wheatfield Street.

  • What will happen to this space once the Main Stand is complete? 

The changing rooms and football facilities will remain there permanently and the ticket office and Clubstore will be converted into other category of spaces for the fans and the community.

  • Will the first team be using the artificial pitch to train on during the week?

Only in exceptional circumstances, if at all. The artificial pitch is scheduled to only be used for youth and ladies football and community based projects.


Seating & Ticketing

  • I am a season ticket holder in the Main Stand, will I be able to sit here once the stand is built?

Existing Main Stand season ticket holders will be given first priority on the new seating within the new stand. If possible, we will attempt to keep blocks of friends together, if that is desirable to them.

  • Are there any plans to improve disabled facilities in the stadium?

There will be additional facilities for the disabled in the new stand.

  • Is there going to be a safe-standing area developed?

There are no plans for a safe standing area within the development.

  • How will the build plans affect my season ticket for 2016/17 and 2017/18...will the season ticket be valid for less than a full season?

It is anticipated that season tickets for any season will be fully inclusive as per the terms of any other season.

  • Is there any information available on the ticket prices in the new Main Stand?

Ticket prices will be outlined closer to the opening of the new, completed stadium.


Wheatfield, Roseburn and Gorgie Stands

  • Will anything be done to develop the existing stands?

We are looking at various ideas re the upgrading and reinvigoration of the three existing stands. This is likely to include improved toilet facilities and kiosk facilities.

  • Will the away fans still be in the Roseburn Stand?

Yes they will. 


Hospitality & Conference and Banqueting

  • If I am a regular in the Willie Bauld Suite/Gorgie Suite/John Robertson Lounge or Bobby Walker Suite for match day hospitality. Where will I go now?

Details of the new suites and the different tiers of entertainment on offer in the new stand will be released during the period of the build. All four are anticipated to be open during the entirety of season 2016/17.

  • What will happen with the Gorgie Suite?

The Gorgie Suite has proven to be hugely popular over the last couple of seasons and we intend to keep it that way as we move forward with the new development.

  • Will I be able to use the new facilities on non-match days?

Yes, within our Tynecastle Events brand, we will be able to offer some really unique spaces and competitive packages within the conference and events world; and indeed community space/use.


HMFC Museum and Stadium Tours

  • Will the work affect the Stadium Tours?

There will be some changes to the tours as work progresses and the club will probably increase the number of tours available for what will become our last year in the historic Main Stand.

  • Will the museum remain in the Gorgie Stand?

Yes the new club museum will continue to be situated in the Gorgie Stand.