Club News

Stadium Access Update

22nd November 2017

After taking an approriate amount of time to gather the relevant information, analyse it and put in place plans to act upon it, the club can now give the following update with regards to supporter access to Tynecastle Park last Sunday and going forward.


For home fans in the Gorgie, Wheatfield and Roseburn Stands.

The club is pleased to confirm that supporters seated in the above stands will be able to access the stadium for future games in their usual manner. For example, supporters seated in the Wheatfield Stand will be able to access the stadium through the Gorgie turnstiles, if preferred. This flexibility will apply to all of the above three stands.

We apologise profusely for the problems some of our supporters experienced on Sunday, where, due to an initial scanner fault, Gorgie turnstiles would only accept Gorgie Stand tickets, rejecting Roseburn and Wheatfield tickets. This was identified within 10 minutes of the turnstiles opening (at 1:45pm) and a fix was fully implemented by 2:25pm. However, this was not appropriately communicated to all stewards and the stewards continued to re-direct supporters, even after the fault had been corrected.

When this became apparent, the club sought agreement to delay the start the start of the match and happily, we believe, everyone was in the stadium for the start of the game. We know that a large number of fans missed the pre-match entertainment, for which we whole-heartedly apologise.


For Main Stand ticket holders.

We were delighted with the smooth operation of our new un-manned turnstiles in the Main Stand.

The only slight confusion was caused by lack of indication on season tickets as to whether supporters should enter the North or South turnstiles. We will address this for future seasons but in the meantime please note the following:

For clarity:

  • Supporters whose tickets are located in Sections N, P and Q, and seats 14-25 in Section PR, should enter via the North turnstiles (nearest the Roseburn End) in order to locate their seats with ease.
  • Supporters with tickets in Sections R, S and T, and seats 1-13 in Section PR, should enter via the South turnstiles, closest to the Gorgie Stand.

We are also improving the signage inside the Main Stand as feedback suggested it was not as clear as it might have been.

Once again, we apologise for any confusion.