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School's out

21st April 2016

Ann Budge meets Craigmount High pupils as Hearts provide hospitality for school affected by buildings situation.

Ann Budge met with Craigmount High School pupils and Edinburgh City Council leaders at Tynecastle yesterday as Hearts continue to provide space for lunches and studying for the foreseeable future.

Craigmount pupils from S5 and S6 have temporarily decanted to Tynecastle High School after safety issues were raised surrounding the Craigmount High School building.

The club has started to provide space for the pupils affected to have their lunch and continue their studies.

Ann told Hearts News that she didn’t hesitate to offer the club’s services during this difficult time.

“Everyone here at Hearts is delighted to help out the pupils and staff of Craigmount High School during this unfortunate situation,” she said. “The City of Edinburgh Council got in touch with us last week when the issue of unsafe buildings arose, and we did not hesitate to offer our assistance.

“Craigmount pupils and staff will continue to use the facilities here at Tynecastle during their lunch break for the foreseeable, and we hope that our hospitality goes someway to making the transition to neighbouring Tynecastle High School as smooth as possible.”

Photo kindly supplied by Scott Taylor and the Edinburgh Evening News