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Sam: Even Messi would struggle

17th January 2015

Sam Nicholson concludes that Rangers call-off was right choice and that even world's best players couldn't have played on surface like that.

Sam Nicholson was his usual upbeat self as he chatted to the press in the wake of Friday night’s abandoned match with Rangers at Ibrox.

After giving the game the go-ahead, whistler Bobby Madden cut the match short after 24 minutes when the surface was deemed unplayable due to snow and compacted ice affecting the conditions.

After the half-hour or so on the Ibrox turf, the winger admitted he was disappointed that the side wasn’t able to get three points against their nearest rivals, but conceded the referee had got his decisions correct due to the high risk of injury occurring.

“It’s a bit frustrating. We’ve spent all week building up to this, but we’ll just focus on Falkirk next week now,” said Sam. “There’s still a lot of games left after this, and we’ll just deal with Rangers later in the season.

“The referee was right to try to play the match, the fans were already in the stadium and you couldn’t just stop it without giving it a go. That said, it was the right decision to call it off. You couldn’t even get the ball off the ground. It was no fun.

“There’s a definite chance of picking up an injury out there. I got nudged at one point and slid for about an hour! The ground was going from under you, sliding every time you moved. Someone could have been hurt.”

Nicholson also revealed that the players were in constant contact with the referee as both sides, and the officials, traded thoughts on what they thought the course of action should be. In addition, the teenager disclosed his own personal worries about how the game was making him look!

“The boys were asking the referee to stop the game. We were worried about getting hurt. He was good with us though, he communicated with us constantly and kept us informed about what was going on.

“All the players knew it wouldn’t finish but we had to give it a try. We spoke with each other during the match and we just thought ‘there’s no way this is working’. It was going to cause mistakes, I couldn’t pass it five yards, which is just embarrassing.

“It makes you look like a terrible footballer as well, it does none of us any favours. Even Lionel Messi would have looked awful out there tonight!”