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Police Scotland message

26th October 2014

Police Scotland issue following message ahead of today's derby.

Police in Edinburgh are reminding fans that a policing operation will be in place at this weekend's derby match to identify anyone in possession of alcohol, fireworks or flares.

Over 16,000 spectators are expected to attend at Easter Road Stadium today for the game, which kicks off at 12.15pm. Anti social drinking in the surrounding streets will not be tolerated and officers will be enforcing the Edinburgh by-law in this regard.

In addition, police will be assisting stewards to carry out searches outside the ground to prevent illegal or prohibited items being smuggled in. A specially trained police dog will be deployed to detect explosive or combustible materials. Fans from both sides are urged to ensure their behaviour during the match does not put themselves or others in danger.

Superintendent Liz McAinsh said: "The atmosphere at the Edinburgh derby is always electric and we want all supporters to enjoy the day. Police will be patrolling around the stadium with a focus on stopping anti social street drinking and fans will be subject to searches as a condition of entry to the ground.  A specialist search dog will be used to detect anyone in possession of fireworks or flares.

"Police Scotland is committed to keeping people safe and while the behaviour of the vast majority of Hearts and Hibs fans is exemplary, the reckless conduct of a small minority could place everyone in danger.

"Anyone found to be in possession of these items, or any other objects that are not permitted within the stadium will be refused entry and may face further police action."