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Pitchlife Hearts: The Game

25th November 2019

Heart of Midlothian is the first club to feature in a new mobile game that unlocks the story of a football club and its players.

Pitchlife is a free-to-play game that enables fans to collect individual cards of every player who has played a competitive match for Hearts - from 1874 to the present day. Players can build and play their best possible team by playing matches and collecting cards. Designed to bring the history of the club and its players to life, Pitchlife allows game-players to create their own team and interact with play during matches.

As matches are won, game-players unlock additional cards of players from the past and present, enabling the game-player to build a better team, increase their level and compete against tougher competition – all whilst unearthing more tales from the club’s past. Each card features the individual player’s statistics and career summary, enabling game-players to learn about the over 1,200 players who have pulled on the famous maroon jersey. Reaching certain milestones within the game will also unlock a series of Magic Moment cards, which tell the stories of some of the landmark events in the club’s rich history.

Pitchlife will be developed further over the coming months, with regular updates released to include changes to the current squad and player ratings. All players are rated based on their defensive and attacking attributes – as well as stamina. As an example, for current players, stamina reflects their time at the club whilst the attack rating takes into account the number of goals they’ve scored for the boys in maroon.

Pitchlife is an engaging way of telling the story of the club and its players, from Tom Purdie to Christophe Berra.

The Pitchlife creators will also be asking the real experts - Hearts fans - for their views on the game as it stands and what improvements they would like to see. For the moment, we’d invite Hearts fans to pitch in, enjoy playing the game, and discover details about every player who has featured in a competitive match for our club. There’s nothing else like this out there and we are delighted to have collaborated with Pitchlife to help make this happen.

To download Pitchlife Hearts, please follow one of the following links:


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