Our latest signing at Tynecastle is Premium Benefits

21st January 2015

Hearts and Premium Benefits team up to reward supporters with discount card.

Behind many great fans is a great woman, or a great man. 

They are the ones who take the kids on a Saturday, walk the dog, do the shopping, or maybe have tea ready for when you get back; ready with a sympathetic ear, or to share your tales of glory. We appreciate their support, because that enables your support, and we value that more than anything. So we would like to reward not just our supporters but all of the weekend warriors, the football widows and widowers, who hold the fort, whilst you support the Hearts.

Premium Benefits have been busy negotiating and persuading local and national businesses to give our supporters and their families’ discounts on things they can all enjoy, from relaxing spa days, to hair & beauty treatments, weekend breaks, holidays, family activities and even takeaway and home delivery pizzas.

On top of all of this there will be the opportunity to enjoy family fun days (when the weather warms up a bit) and great deals on events and shows, such as The Ideal Home Show. Once you are registered, Premium Benefits will keep you informed on when the family deals are coming up, so that you don't miss out.

Using your Premium Benefits Card can save yourself and your family a fair amount of money. Premium Benefits quote that on average, members save £420 per year on things they would have done anyway. (This information may come in handy when justifying your next season ticket!) You can't argue with the mathematics!

Your family/partner can use your Premium Benefits Card.  When you are away, you can take it with you, as the card can be used throughout Scotland.  Whatever you decide to do, we hope you enjoy the benefits of using your card, and we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback. So, if there is somewhere you would like to go, just let us know and we will do our level best to get you a deal.

At today’s launch of this exciting new partnership announcement, Chairwoman Ann Budge said: "One of the FOH Directors told me about Premium Benefits and suggested we might like to look at it as a way of saying “thank you” to our loyal supporters and their families. We took that suggestion and ran with it. Now, I am delighted to announce that every Heart of Midlothian FC season ticket holder, over the age of 16, will receive a Premium Benefits card.  

"In addition, every Foundation of Hearts pledger, over the age of 16, will also receive one. Those who are both season ticket holders and FOH pledgers will receive a Premium Benefits Plus card, which offers even greater discounts and offers. 

"The club wants to say “thank you” to all of our supporters and to make it as easy for them as possible to continue to support their club over the exciting years ahead. Yes… there is something in it for the club too. There is an associated Voucher scheme that, when used, will bring financial benefits not just to the cardholder but also to the club. Hopefully, this will be another 'win-win' for all of us.”

Managing Director of Premium Benefits Karl Fogg, said: "We're delighted to be working with Heart of Midlothian Football Club, and to welcome all their season ticket holders to the Premium Benefits scheme. Premium Benefits is the largest member benefits scheme in Scotland, with more real, tangible, negotiated discounts than any other scheme of its kind.

"Over the last 18 years we've provided Premium Benefits cards for organisations including The Scottish Parliament and The Law Society of Scotland, and we're proud to now be associated with Hearts.

"The Premium Benefits Card is designed to give our members and their families the broadest possible range of discounts and with the addition of exclusively negotiated Hearts vouchers, you can now realise even more savings as a thank you for your support.

"We sincerely hope you all find plenty of places in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland that you can enjoy using your card in, and the Premium Benefits team will be out there getting more deals for you every day."

The club will release details over the next few days on how you can collect your Premium Benefits cards from Tynecastle.