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New director appointed

12th May 2015

Foundation of Hearts director Brian Cormack joins club's board.

Foundation of Hearts director Brian Cormack has been appointed to the board of Heart of Midlothian FC.

In accordance with the agreement between current Hearts majority shareholder Ann Budge's BIDCO and the fans group, Cormack has joined FoH chairman Ian Murray in becoming an official club director at Tynecastle.

Lifelong Hearts supporter Cormack was one of the founding members of the Foundation and, as well as having a background in the construction industry, he also has business interests in property, office leasing and financial sectors.

Brian's appointment to the board comes in the wake of a hugely successful season on and off the pitch for both Hearts, who are heading back to the Premiership after being crowned Championship winners, and the Foundation of Hearts.

Brian said: "As part of the agreement with BIDCO and the Foundation of Hearts, the chair of the Foundation, Ian Murray, was to go onto the board initially, and then after one year there was to be a second appointment.

"It was an honour to be asked by the FoH board, and it was accepted by Ann and the Hearts board that I am the next person - so it's fantastic. 

"I never imagined one day becoming a Hearts director. When I got involved with the Foundation it was never in my thoughts, we were just trying to save the club, although it's a huge honour to be asked."

Photo: Eric McCowat.