Club News

New Board Appointment

21st August 2015

Donald Cumming appointed to the HMFC Board.

The club is pleased to announce the appointment of Donald Cumming to the HMFC Board.

As everyone who pledges to FOH will know, we are now at the point where a second FOH Board member can be appointed to the HMFC Board.  The first appointee is the Chair of FOH, Brian Cormack, who joined the HMFC Board in June 2015.  We are very pleased now to confirm that Donald Cumming has been appointed to the HMFC Board to fill the second FOH position.

Donald is a very well-respected lawyer in one of Scotland’s leading legal firms.  As well as bringing his legal expertise to the Board, Donald, a life-long Hearts supporter, is working closely with FOH and the Club to design an appropriate governance model moving forward.