Club News

Memorial Garden & Club Store Update

8th November 2016

Garden will close this week and club store will close on Thursday

We are on the move!

This weeks sees the club's administration offices move to under the Wheatfield Stand. As with all moves there will be a brief period of upheavel. We ask supporters to be be aware of the following:

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden will remain closed this week and will open again on Thursday 17th November.

The museum will not be effected and will open as normal this Thursday. Full opening times are available here: 

Club Store & Ticket Office

The club store will close at 5pm on Thursday 10th November. Hearts Direct and the club's new eBay page will not be effected and will continue to run our relocation sale.

The Ticket office will be closed on Saturday 12th November. The club's eticketing channel will remain open.

An announcementy regarding the new opening will be made in due course


We apologise for any inconvience and we ask you to bear with us during this time.

Please keep an eye on the website and social media channels for any additional updates