Learning curve for youngsters

16th September 2014

Jack Ross can see signs of positive development in his players as U20s lose out to Rangers.

Jack Ross believes his young players are continuing to make good progress with each U20s game that passes.

Despite being on the reverse of a 3-0 scoreline against Rangers in last night's Development League match, the U20s Development Manager can see signs of improvement in his Wee Jambos.

Speaking exclusively to Hearts News, Jack said: "It's another learning experience. We had a number of really young players on the park. I know it's an U20s league but a number were 16 and 17 so they've still got three or four years left at this level, in terms of developing.

"Every time they're showing signs of learning and progression then that's what it's about for us, as well as helping to prepare players for first team matches.

"We've got players being asked to play in different positions at the moment because of injuries throughout the club, especially in the defensive side of things. You've got a centre forward playing right back, a midfielder playing left back and 16-year-old playing centre half. Their attitude and application is great but they will make errors in judgment because it's not their natural position.

"I think in the first half we played reasonably well. It was quite a competitive game. It was played at a good tempo, the surface was great and the fact that it was wet helped the ball to move quickly. I was reasonably happy.

"In the second half, the first goal was an own goal and that kind of changed the flow of the game for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

"In terms of looking at learning points all of the time it's an example of when you concede you need to try and continue to do things properly and not get ragged, especially when you still have 25-30 minutes left in the game and there's not five minutes left for you to go and chase it.

"Overall, like the Motherwell game a couple of weeks ago, I don't think the players can not be disappointed in losing football games by a few goals but the more important side of it is to keep seeing signs of progression and development, and there was."

The Wee Jambos were sunk by three second half goals from the visitors. You can read an in-depth match report on the HYDC website by clicking here.