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Introducing the new Hearts website

4th September 2018

Welcome to the new Heart of Midlothian Football Club website.

Following months of extensive planning and development, the club is delighted to launch its new website in partnership with Scottish web development agency mtc.

Heart of Midlothian Football Club is constantly evolving, both on and off the park, and the new website aims to strengthen the club's digital presence and showcase its wide range of offerings.

A strong emphasis has been placed on improving the overall user experience, resulting in a considerable amount of “de-cluttering” in order to make the site easier and quicker to navigate.

mtc have offered invaluable expertise and insight from start to finish, thereby ensuring that the website boasts striking visuals, a clean layout and a fully responsive mobile version. 

Ryan McGinnis, Project Lead Designer at mtc, said:

"We are delighted to showcase the new Heart Of Midlothian club website after an extended period of exploration and development between ourselves and the current league leaders.

"Our primary focus was to establish a freshly restructured web experience that was both visually impacting and intuitive to navigate for all supporters. We have created an online presence that makes use of strong imagery and open space that finely encompasses the transparent communication output that supporters have come to expect from the club.

"This new online hub now provides Hearts with a foundation to further develop and achieve their online ambitions and provide further quality content to Jambos across the globe. We here at mtc look forward to further developing our strong digital partnership with the club over the coming years with continued success both on and off the field."