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HYDC Monthly Draw Winners

8th January 2018

Find out the winners of the HYDC monthly draw for September through to January!

The monthly draw results for September through to August are in!


1st Prize Ronald MacNeil 279 (£500)
2nd Prize SA Webster 188 (£100)
3rd Prize MacLeod-MacLeod 127 (£50)

1st Prize Thomas Layden 64 (£500)
2nd Prize G Campbell 388 (£100)
3rd Prize Agnes Brown 289 (£50)

1st Prize Ian Dryden 40 (£500)
2nd Prize Longmuir-Longmuir 90 (£100)
3rd Prize J Finnie 22 (£50)

1st Prize Ian & DJ Howie 191 (£500)
2nd Prize Niall Duffin 201 (£100)
3rd Prize R Laurie 206 (£50)

January 2018
1st Prize Morton-Morton 128 (£500)
2nd Prize Carole Johnston 281 (£100)
3rd Prize Ms AS & PJ Coutts 252 (£50)

The HYDC monthly draw is carried out on the pitch during half time at the first home game every month. There are three prizes with values of £500, £100 and £50 to be won.

The prize money values are regularly reviewed and dependent on prize draw entries these values could be increased in the future.

By entering the monthly draw you are supporting the continued development of players at the Youth Academy. All monies raised are invested directly into the Hearts Academy at Riccarton, which consistently produces players who graduate to the Hearts first team.

The monthly draw forms a crucial part of the funds raised by HYDC along with the various events they organise throughout the season.

To support HYDC in investing in the future of Hearts and enter the HYDC Monthly Draw, visit or click here.