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Hearts Museum to open in 2016

15th October 2015

Update on the building phase of the Heart of Midlothian Museum.

The Club is delighted to announce that work on the building phase of the Heart of Midlothian Museum, due to open at Tynecastle in the summer of 2016, is now underway.

Museum Project Update

Phase 1: Completed

  • Budget and initial estimates approved
  • Project team established
  • Initial architectural plans drawn up
  • Site clearance

Phase 2: Now underway

  • Final architectural plans – including services – being completed
  • Design company working with architect, curator and historians on initial layout
  • Curator and historians completing cataloging and working on opening displays and stories.
  • Fit-out started

Phase 3: Grand Opening

  • Watch this space!

The museum, to be located in the old club shop space under the Gorgie Stand, will be partly funded by money kindly donated by supporters to the Hearts Heritage and Museum Fund.

Club curators and historians have been busy working on the collections over the past months and continue to find new and fascinating items every day. Anyone wishing to make contact regarding contributions or artefacts, please contact curator Caroline Mathers:

Stay tuned for further updates on the progress of the museum over the coming months.