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Hearts join Dugout

26th June 2017

Club is the first in Scotland to join the new dedicated global football platform

The club is proud to announce it is joining Dugout - the digital platform launched last year that provides football fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes content and access, free of charge and all in one place. 

Hearts committed to join Dugout earlier in the year alongside some of the biggest clubs in Europe and as a result will now be able to engage with its fans all over the world through this football-focused channel

Dugout marks the first time the biggest clubs in the world have joined forces to support a new business and since launching in December 2016, 57 clubs and federations have signed partnerships with the platform, including some of the biggest clubs in the world such as AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, FC Porto, Juventus, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Paris Saint-Germain, and Real Madrid CF.

In addition to these clubs, Dugout has also agreed partnerships with over 100 of the world’s best-known footballers, past and present – including Pele, Gareth Bale, Patrice Evra, Javier Mascherano, Edison Cavani, Dele Alli and more. Dugout users get a totally personalised experience based on the clubs and players they follow.

Dugout is also partnering with leading football influencers and legends to create their own profile pages and produce content exclusive to Dugout users.


A Hearts spokesman said:

"We are proud to be the first Scottish club to join Dugout. We know that our fans are officially the most engaged in Scottish football so we are delighted to offer them yet another platform. Over eight million users have joined the platform since December so we are excited about the potential reach of the new platform. Fans that log on over the next few days will see some behind the scenes footage of our recent strip launch before anyone else”


Dugout President, Elliot Richardson, commented: 

“We’re really excited to welcome Heart of Midlothian to the Dugout platform. The game today is truly global and fans don’t just want to watch matches in their own country – they want to follow their favourite clubs and players across the world. That’s what Dugout offers - unrivalled access for fans to see behind the scenes of the clubs and into the lives of the players. Thanks to Dugout, fans can now access the best content from Hearts, both on and off the pitch, for the first time.”


Each club and player has a dedicated Dugout profile to upload content and interact with fans, and in addition Dugout works with these partners to create high-quality, original content. This content includes videos from clubs exclusive to Dugout before they're shared with the rest of the world, lifestyle and personal updates from players, and original video series featuring ball skills and tricks from players that can’t be seen anywhere other than Dugout.

The trend of following multiple clubs – on average 4.6 clubs per person – was revealed in polling of 25 major football countries. The research also found that fans now “support” individual players, meaning that these stars help grow the global fan base of every team they play for during their career.

The Dugout app is initially available in eight languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Bahasa (Indonesian), with more to be added in the coming months.


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