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Garrucio returns to Edinburgh

12th August 2019

Ben Garuccio admitted he was delighted to return to Edinburgh to continue his ACL rehab, having spent the summer in his native Australia.

The 24-year-old suffered the injury in training in late March and quickly went under the knife to fix his knee, before flying home to Adelaide to be surrounded by his family.

"I've had a few other big injuries but nothing as serious as this," he told HeartsTV in an exclusive interview. "When it's a knee you think the worse straight away. I went down and I thought it didn't feel right, because I've never had a knee injury before.

"I got back to my feet and walked off, and thought maybe it's alright. The scan showed it was an ACL, unfortunately. It was just one of those things, once you get told you basically have to move on.

"You can mope about and be sad but the end result is still going to be the same, ultimately. You have to get on with it and be as positive as you can. I feel like if that if that's the apporach you take, you'll have a better outcome at the end of it."


The prognosis for an injury of that severity can differ from person to person but generally it takes players 7-10 months to recover, or sometimes even longer.

"I'm four months post-op at the moment," Ben said. "I've made really good progress. Everything has gone smoothly so far.

"The rehab that I did back home in Australia was really good and I got to a level where I'm feeling really strong. I got back on the pitch, I was doing running, change of direction and ball work.

"I'm definitely at a good level but I've still got a bit of time before I can do contact work with the team. It's just riding that last couple of months out now."

You can watch Ben's interview in full on HeartsTV by clicking here