Families and Schools Together Graduation

18th December 2017

The Under 20's squad attend the Families and Schools Together Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday the 14th of December, Aidan Keena and Alex Petkov from the Club's under 20 squad joined Save the Children at the Families and Schools Together graduation ceremony at Longstone Primary School.

FAST is an award-winning programme which brings parents, children, teachers and the wider community closer together.

The eight-week programme, ran in partnership with Save the Children, takes place one evening a week and helps children to improve their skills in reading, writing and maths, as well as creative play and positive attitudes towards learning.

Families from all backgrounds are encouraged to get involved with FAST, aiming to support children fulfil their potential in school and support parents to enable them to engage with their children’s education, and support learning and development at home.

Joy McGovern, Site Coordinator at Longstone Primary was delighted with the programme.

“It’s went really well, I think it’s one of the biggest achievements we’ve had for the engagement of parents that we’ve had within the school”

“The families have absolutely loved it, the only feedback I’ve had is that they didn’t want it to stop”

The Club and Save the Children work closely together to celebrate the ongoing partnership. Aidan Keena and Alex Petkov attended the FAST ceremony to hand out graduation certificates to the children and their parents, and spent some time after the ceremony to get to know the families and take photographs.

Sian attended the FAST programme with her youngest child Lydia, both graduated on Thursday evening and got more out of the programme than she expected.

"It’s given us a strong sense of community, it’s been a really great experience, the kids have loved it, especially today with the players coming along.”

“I joined the programme because my mum works at the school and she said I think you’ll really enjoy it, it’s really good and it’s’ fun, so I was like yeah, that fine but actually it’s been lovely and some of the mum’s you wouldn’t normally say hi to because everyone is in too much of a rush in the morning -  you now talk and have a quick hello with them, it’s been really nice”

The graduation ceremony is held at the end of the eight-week programme to celebrate the amazing work done by the children, parents, volunteers and teachers.

To find out more about the Families and Schools Together programme, please click here.