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Curator's Corner

11th November 2015

The first edition of the Curator's Corner featuring an image from the club's past.

Welcome to the first Curator's Corner from Tynecastle, where our fantastic collection of club memoribilia is housed. Every couple of weeks we will bring you a small snippet from the archive or an update on the club's museum project.

Today's gem is the first known picture of a Heart of Midlothian team, taken at the earliest recorded fixture in the club's history. The match was a friendly between Hearts and the Third Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers which took place in the Meadows on Saturday, August 28th 1875. The Third Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers won 2-0.

The strip worn by the players in the photo was based on cricketing attire of the time, although the chap second from the left wouldn't look out of place in the 1970s! The mutton chops on the fellow in the front row are also rather impressive...

Stay tuned for more gems from the club's past in the coming weeks and months.