First Team

Craig's post-match reaction

14th September 2019

Craig Levein couldn't hide his disappointment following the 3-2 defeat to Motherwell.

 “It’s a hell of a frustrating day as you can imagine. We’ve scored two goals again at home, last time we got a point and I wasn’t happy and today I’m even more unhappy," he explained.

"We conceded goals like gifts, a free header, a square pass to play them in and a mix up between two players which aren’t goals that require work to score on the opposition’s part, but the interesting thing for me is when we went to ten men we played with freedom. I understand it, the pressure is off as we’re a man down and there’s a relaxed feeling because we’re not expected to do anything. After that, I felt we had a degree of control.

“The players are anxious, they’ve made a poor start to the season and sometimes they want to play a safe ball or just not take responsibility so you don’t make a mistake and there was too much of that today. I had no issue with the application but they’re lacking confidence so they’re playing safe or not looking for the ball which worries me.

“We had good performances today. Meshino made a real difference today, Uche was a real handful and got a goal but ultimately we scored two goals but didn’t get any points.

“Having our injured players back would help us but we can’t keep talking about injuries, I don’t want that to be an issue, but it won’t happen next week so we’ll prepare as well as we can. It’s a big game away from home against our rivals.

"The game brings an excitement for me, the fact we have a derby for us is a big deal for everyone and it’s different nerves. It’s about competing rather than what we do with the ball.

“I’ll have Michael Smith back next week, I wanted to use him today but the subs were dictated by the scoreline. He’ll help, Naisy will be fit for next week so there’s two that’ll help us for the derby.”