Club News

Communications infrastructure at Tynecastle

7th May 2015

Club owner Ann Budge updates the fans on continued improvements around Tynecastle Stadium.

We have received a number of comments recently concerning fans’ experience contacting the club by telephone.  We sympathise with fans who have been experiencing delays whilst contacting the ticket office and would like to assure everyone that we are working hard to improve things.

When we came into the club on 12 May last year, we uncovered a myriad of issues that needed to be addressed simply to stay in business and to provide a safe and acceptable experience for fans visiting the stadium. These had to take priority in what is a long term improvement programme. At the same time, we lifted the lid on a Pandora’s box of technological problems.  IT systems had been sorely neglected, telephone systems were years out of date and basic internet connectivity could barely support the demands of our business, the media or Hearts TV.

We have embarked on a major programme to upgrade our entire communications infrastructure and this is being led by one of our former business associates, Duncan Millar  Under Duncan’s leadership and deploying the talents of Paul Murray (a lifelong fan who is volunteering his time to the project) we have already installed fibre optic cable throughout the stadium, providing wifi in all our suites, high speed connectivity that enables us to run an improved Hearts TV service and we have a far more stable set of systems supporting our everyday business. 

Our telephone system was in an even worse state of neglect and we have spent months with a new telecommunication partner sorting through a spaghetti of lines (many out of commission, but still costing the club money) to design a much more streamlined system.  This will take some months to implement, but will greatly improve our call handling service.

As part of this exercise, we will be replacing the use of premium rate numbers, 0871*, across the club with a standard national call rate number, 03*. We will also be simplifying the telephone menu structure to ensure that the caller gets to the right area quickly. We are currently working through the detailed design and will be introducing this in time for the start of the new season or sooner if practical.

We’d like to thank supporters for their continued patience in this matter as we aim to make all aspects of your Tynecastle experience an enjoyable one.