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Club statement: Foundation of Hearts vote

27th May 2016

Resolution to approve stadium funding proposal.

The vote on the Bidco stadium funding proposal to the Foundation of Hearts closed on Wednesday and along with the Board of the Foundation of Hearts, we would like to thank everyone who voted.

The results are as follows:


Total votes cast: 3790


Total votes for the proposal:  3747

Total votes against the proposal:  43


Percentage of votes for the proposal:  98.86 per cent

Percentage of votes against the proposal:  1.14 per cent


The resolution is therefore passed and following the completion of the new agreement, the Foundation of Hearts will forward funding payments as outlined in the proposal from June  2016 onwards.

We are absolutely delighted that the Foundation members have given such a resounding vote in favour of the offer from Ann Budge. We thank all of them for their continued backing and we are now very much looking forward to proceeding with the amended financial arrangements as authorised by the Foundation members.

The tireless work going on around securing the new stadium development will continue unabated and this significant milestone on the road to the “new” Tynecastle once more demonstrates our collective strength.

Thank you again.