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Children's refugee crisis

10th September 2015

Hearts and Save the Children responding to the children's refugee crisis.

Heart of Midlothian Football Club’s innovative partnership with Save the Children supports local causes in and around Edinburgh.

The club is proud to wear the name of the charity on our home and away shirts, to dedicate our new family friendly stand to raising awareness of the charity’s work and to lend the support of our players and staff in helping to deliver vital programmes of work. 

Thanks to the generosity of the philanthropists who have funded our partnership, a number of great initiatives have been launched to tackle issues of poverty and deprivation in communities local to the club.

Whilst our partnership with Save the Children is focused on supporting local causes, many of our fans have made it known to us that they are keen to help the charity in its response to the desperate plight of children and families caught up in the current refugee crisis.

We have all seen in the news that this is a humanitarian crisis of major proportions, with charities working together to help some of the most desperate people in the world, who are fleeing from war, violence and persecution.

The club is very happy to support the efforts of Save the Children in this crisis and has invited them to hold a bucket collection at the Aberdeen game on 20 September 2015 in aid of their work in supporting the most vulnerable children in the world at this truly exceptional time.

For more information on Save the Children’s work and their Children’s Refugee Crisis Appeal, please go to: